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Digital VS Offline competitions

Is better to run a brand competition offline/instore or digitally? What are the pro’s and con’s?

From my experience managing the technical aspect of various online competitions and campaigns here is what I have learnt…

There are a couple of things that Digital has over instore/offline:
  • Real time analytics
    • If the instore/offline strategy does not yield the desired results then fixing that will take time and will be costly.
    • On the digital side updating the “code” would be quicker and cheap.
  • Targeting
    • Instore:
      • Current customers for your brand can’t be targeted in any meaningful way.
      • How would you know who they were?
      • You would have to rely on the passer by to make the first interaction and hope they enter the competition.
      • Or you could have someone solicit entries. Another cost ūüė¶
    • Digital:
      • In most cases your brand will¬†already have a database of¬†customers that can be targeted.
      • It would be as simple as sending a personalised SMS/email with a link to the online campaign.
      • FB posts have proven to be effective¬†to boost entries.
      • I was the tech lead on a project where a¬†single facebook post boosted entries 10 fold.
  • Multiplier Effect
    • Instore: You can’t share/tweet/email a physical entry form.
    • Digital: Not only can you share but you could also track who entered the competition from those platforms and alter the strategy based on that insight.
  • Conversion Tracking
    • Instore: If a customer picks up a form and dumps it during the process, how will¬†¬†you know why that happened and what you¬†can do to fix it.
    • Digital: The whole process can be monitored. Events can be tracked and we could easily see where in the user flow they bailed.
I’m not saying that brands¬†should not do instore/offline campaigns or competitions (in fact they should do both) but digital gives them user behaviour, metrics, granular tracking and better analysis of what happened during the campaign.
Hope this helps.


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