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Lessons learnt with Hiring and Firing

Just some stuff I learnt over a few months. Very specific to web app environments and agencies.


  1. Resumes can be mis-leading. If it’s too good t be true… (you know the rest)
  2. Recruiters without a technical background can waste a lot of your time. They have no clue what a good candidate is and will continue to send you bad resumes no matter what you tell them.
  3. Recruiters cannot find good developers (Or at least it’s very hard for them to pull it off) and it’s nearly impossible for them to find GREAT developers.
  4. Great developers are extremely hard to find…  🙂
  5. Know and understand the difference between a good and great developer/programmer. This will speed up the hiring process.
  6. Do a telephonic screening before seeing the candidate in person. This can eliminate the bad ones quickly.
  7. Culture-fit and passion is way more important than technical knowledge. This was a hard one to learn for me and wasted lots of time. Technical knowledge can always be taught but passion and culture will uplift the team and create a winning atmosphere. You see passion at work when the dev triple checks his work or re-write some code to follow best practices.
  8. It’s hard to check for passion and culture-fit in an interview but there are some signs:
    1. The latest “thing” they learnt. It’s not what they learnt but rather why they started learning that’s important. Was it because they had to? Was it an itch?
    2. How many new “things” have they learnt? Did they complete the tutorial/course/book?
    3. What did they learn from the process? Are they able to do self-analysis? Are they able to improve?
  9.  Don’t ask dumb OOP questions. 90% of web app devs do not use abstract/interface classes and had no experience with it(This is also something that can be encouraged once they start). If you really must check technical ability right there then give them some example code to improve on and focus on their problem solving skills.


  1. Make it quick and painless.
  2. BUT be patient… they might be shy, insecure, etc…
  3. If they don’t fit into the culture after a few weeks you will need to figure out if it’s a personality that just can’t adapt to a knew environment. But would you really want to do that? Is it your job to change someone’s personality? By keeping them around you just torture yourself, them and everyone else.
  4. That’s all I learnt about  “Firing”. 🙂
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