Valuable Lesson Time: Communication is NB!!!

22 Jul

So I’m a Senior Dev at a digital advertising agency.

I report to the Technical Architect.

A Mid level dev had an idea for solving a problem that we had on a client’s app.

After I mentioned that I thought it was a cool idea he went ahead and started on it assuming my input was the “OK go for it” he needed.

As it turns out it the Mid Level dev never consulted the Technical Architect who quickly saw some issues with his potential solution.

These issues were not picked up by the Mid Level dev or myself and they were valid observations that in hindsight could cause bigger problems later.

So what is the lesson learnt?

The company I work for has a very dynamic environment. It is team orientated, fast moving and uses proven solutions to speed up time to market. Also, our Technical Architect is ultimately responsible for all our projects and needs to be aware of major changes to a plan or solution.

My mistake was assuming that the Mid Level dev would double check that his potential solution with our manager.  I should have followed up on whether that happened or at the very least suggested that he run his solution by some other Seniors.

Another thing I learnt that sometimes “cool” ideas can have hidden long term consequences.

“Cool” does not always mean “best solution”.

Any decision affects an agency/workplace/team in some way. In most cases it’s minuscule but I need to train myself to recognise the signs that it could lead to bigger problems later.

It seems that comes with experience…

Hope this helps you.











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