Splunk: Changing the splunkd port 8089

01 Feb

So I am messing around with Splunk. Splunk is a powerful engine that allows you to monitor, analyze and understand your app’s/websites/infrastructure’s metadata. (if you want to know more then check it out yourself.)

What i wanted to do was build a django/python app that pulls data from splunk and does some crazy stuff with it.

Splunk has a web and service(splunkd) interface. The web interface is on an open port but the service interface is not. It uses port 8089 by default. I never knew this. So im trying to do a simple GET request for 4 hours and all i get is “nothiing”. No reply, error, etc…

Turns out that splunkd needs to listen on another open port:

1. open web.conf (/etc/system/default/)

2. set mgmtHostPort to <your port number>

3. restart splunk

splunk restart splunkd

That should be it…

some helpful links:

start splunk

splunk webconf

… and a thank you to Jonno








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